1.) Free Inspections

The first place to start in determining any issues with your roof is an inspection. We offer free inspections by trained professionals who do a full evaluation of your roof from the attic and the roof. Once we determine the cause of the leak or the severity of the damage, our trained professional will offer a free quote and plan on how to address the issue(s). 

2.) Repairs 

Repairs vary widely and stem from numerous sources. Anything from an improperly installed Satellite Dish, a tree branch falling on the roof, rotting or hail could cause damage. If a leak is prevalent, call us immediately so we can prevent more damage from occurring. Once the damage is assessed, we can offer a temporary fix, if necessary, to give you adequate time to think over the free quote. 

3.) Re-Roofs 

Our roof installers have a combined experience of over 50 years. We always utilize a foreman who oversees all laborers during the course of the entire roofing process. We start by removing the existing roof and all necessary components and tossing everything into a dump trailer or truck. After the old roof and components are removed, we do a full inspection of the existing decking. Once everything is evaluated and approved, we tailor all new products to your specific needs. After the roof is installed and given a final inspection, our crews provide a thorough clean up of your entire property.