The MUS Process

If you believe your roof has experienced any type of damage, please call one of our roofing specialists immediately. If your home was involved in a hail storm, it is important to address the damages as soon as possible. The insurance only allows a certain amount of time that they will honor replacing your roof after a severe hail storm. 

The first step in the process is contacting one of our trained professionals at (214)-394-4436 or by clicking on the request a professional tab. Once we are contacted we will schedule a date and time to come out and conduct an inspection. You do not have to be home during the inspection, for we will contact you after the assessment. If we believe your roof has damage caused from a natural disaster, the proceeding processes are simple. Our job is to make your life as easy as possible. 

The next step is to contact to your insurance provider. They will schedule a date and a time for another inspection to be conducted with one of their personnel. It is very important one of our professionals is alerted of the date and time, so we can meet with the insurance inspector to conduct the evaluation together. Our job is to fight for you tooth and nail to ensure the insurance company accounted for all damages that were incurred to your home and property. 

After the insurance company gets the report of the inspection the adjuster will issue a claim stating all damages they will cover. We will review the report to ensure they covered everything and there measurements were accurate. Once we have a feel for what they will be covering, we will meet with you, the customer, and tailor a quote to your exact needs. Once we agree to what all you want done, we will have you sign a contract and schedule a date and time for all the work to be performed. 

The day of the work being performed, we ask that you remove all vehicles and property you don't want potentially damaged from the work being conducted. We ask anything that is not securely hung on the walls be removed temporarily while the work is being performed. We usually perform most roof installs in 1 - 2 days. After our work is concluded, we will perform a thorough clean up around your property.